Rolfing Practice Bernhard Radle, Advanced Rolfer in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Bernhard RaddleRolfing® Structural Integration is useful to reach your full potiential. No matter if you are in rehab or a performance athlete.

Rolfing is a manual therapy developed by Ida P. Rolf 50 years ago. Rolfing works on the connective tissue to release, realign and balance the whole body. Rolfing enhances posture and freedom of movement. It can resolve pain and discomfort from many different causes, including back pain, repetitive motion injury, trauma, and aging. Rolfing is also an excellent foundation for and complement to yoga, Pilates, athletic coaching, personal growth techniques and other personal wellness practices.

  • Rolfing addresses constrictions in the body that keep you from enjoying a full life
  • Rolfing is an adjunct to personal wellness and athletic performance
  • Rolfing helps pregnant women adjust to the challenges of pregnancy
  • Rolfing is helpful to ease the special problems of growing children
  • Rolfing is available for horses and dogs for performance enhancement and relief from traumatic injury